Stunning Silver Millefleur HenYoung Silver Millefleur Bantam CockerelWhen a customer and fellow Sablepoot enthusiast informed us that the Silver Millefleurs were the most striking Sablepoots they had ever seen, we just had to check it out for ourselves.

In 2012 we managed to track down and hatch a small group of unrelated birds and we have to agree, they are superb.

Though stock will be limited we hope to have a few birds and hatching eggs later this year, but there may be a wait.

The attractive Sablepoot is classed as a true bantam and listed as a rare breed by The Rare Poultry Society.

Originally from the Netherlands and sometimes known as the booted bantam, Sablepoots are an ideal choice for a small garden having heavy feathering to the feet so doing little damage to the ground.

Sablepoots have charming personalities, they are friendly and calm and become quite tame. They are suitable for families with children and even the cockerels will come quite close to us for corn and have never shown us any aggression. Sablepoots lay a fair amount of white/tinted eggs throughout the season and also make good broody hens.

Silver are absolutely stunning with their pure white feathering interspersed with jet black markings. As with all Sablepoots we are finding them a delight to own.

Silver Millefleur Sablepoot BantamQuick Facts:

  • Chickens for family homes.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Ideal as childrens pets.
  • Both sexes delightful.
  • 110 estimated eggs per season.