Gold Sablepoot CockerelGold Sablepoot HenOriginally from the Netherlands and often called booted bantams, Sablepoots are the ideal choice fro those with limited space or families with children. With heavy feathering down their legs and on the feet, Sablepoots do little damage to the ground, however they do not thrive on muddy ground.

These birds have charming personalities, they are friendly and calm and can become quite tame.

They are suitable for families, coming quite close and even eating out of your hand.

Gold Sablepoot GroupThe Gold colouring on these birds is absolutely stunning, with the cock birds especially shining in their marmalade coloured plumage. Guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days, these little birds have a well deserved following.

One Box of Six  Gold Millefleur Sablepoot Hatching Eggs: £12.99.

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Also Available: Sablepoot Collection, 2 x Lemon, 2 x Silver 2 x Gold Millerfleur.
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